Dawn Revisited

Poems 1986 - 2000

A visit to the past

A collection of my poems from 1986-2000. Printed in 2008 under the title Dawn Revisited.

As these poems cover 15 years, from my teenage years to adulthood, the voice in the poems matures with the years. This is a little stroll through the beginning of my poem writing progressing into a mature and deeper understanding and view.

This book is available in hard cover as well as soft cover. Please contact me for information on pricing and for ordering.


1. Journey of My Soul
2. Raining Inside
3. To Be Free
4. I See You
5. Madhouse
6. Different World
7. God of Silence
8. Heroes We
9. NGC Depresses Me
10. Listen Well
11. Never
12. Promises
13. A Night at a Café
14. Human Colors
15. Music Box
16. An Old Story
17. Somewhere
18. Who Am I
19. Beyond
20. One Day
21. Scene
22. Gij
23. Wedloop
24. Mijn Wereld
25. Zucht!
26. Mijn Hartedief
27. Storm
28. Een Dwaas
29. Een Legende