My Story

Jill S.J. Li, the author

Journey of my soul

Universal law commands
the unbroken circle
of Life, the child of Death,
and Death, the father of all life.
So shall I return again,
for the lessons that
are taught through life,
and to sow the seed
of return at Death's door,
for the continuance of
the journey of my soul,
untill Life has nothing
more to teach,
and the secrets of the universe
have been unravelled.
Then, my journey
will have come to an end,
and my soul can finally rest.

About the Author

Poetry has been a portal for her to translate her thoughts and imaginations from the early age of 12.

Breath of Life

Currently working on a new collection of poems from 2008 to present, to be published under the title Breath of Life.

Dawn Revisited

Collection of poems from 1986 - 2000 published in 2008 in hardcover under the title Dawn Revisited by Jill S.J. Li.

Published Works

  • Dawn Revisited (2008, hardcover), poems collection 1986-2000 by Jill S.J. Li
  • Raining Inside, Published in Pieces of the Heart (2000)
  • I See You, Published in Chorus of the Soul (2000)
  • God of Silence, Published in A Forgotten Paradise (2000)
  • To Be Free, Published in Treasures of Imagination (2000)